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Terms of Use

Terms of use
The www.adventurousdestinations.com website (and the application) is an online reservation
service for sports activities (hereinafter the “Platform” or the “Site”) published and operated by EXPORTSGR.PC,
a company incorporated under Greek law, having its registered office at Kalampaka, Riga Feraiou street, TK 42
200 GREECE ;
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), offers Platform users (hereinafter the “Users”) a technical
service linking Users who would like to research and reserve a sports activities with qualified professional service
providers offering and supervising such activities (hereinafter the “Partners”) (hereinafter the “Service”).The
Platform’s sole purpose is to link potential customers and the Partners, with the latter using the Service and
providing their activities independently and under their sole responsibility.
The Company does not partake in any manner in the contractual relationship formed between individual
Partners and Customers for each and every confirmed reservation.
The present General Terms of Use (hereinafter the “General Terms of Use” or the “GTU”) shall define
the terms and conditions governing use of the Service offered by EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations)
The present GTU shall cover only Platform use and Activities’ reservation on the Platform by Users and
shall not apply to the performance of said Activities and services by the Partners.
EXPORTSGR.PC reserves the right to modify the present GTU at any time, without prior notice, it being
hereby agreed that such modifications shall not apply to a reservation that would already have been confirmed by
a Partner. Therefore, the GTU are susceptible of being updated and modified at any time, and must be consulted
periodically. They will apply from the time they are updated to all new use of the Service.
Users hereby acknowledge and accept that browsing the Site as well as using the functional features
and services offered by or on the Site, and in particular reserving an Activity through the Service, shall imply
express, prior acceptance of the GTU. Should a User not accept all or part hereof, said User shall not be
authorized to remain on the Site and shall not be authorized to use the Service.
Here in, the terms and expressions identified by a capital letter shall be understood as follows, whether
used in the singular or plural.
“Activity”: shall be understood as the sporting activity or service offered for reservation by a Partner on the Site
and, as the case may be, ordered by a Customer through the Service.
“Application”: shall be understood as the Company’s IPhone and Android EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous
Destinations), applications, including, where appropriate, updates and new versions thereof.
“Application Store”: shall be understood as the application downloading platform such as the Apple App Store or
Google’s Android Market, through which the User has downloaded the Application.
“Content”: shall be understood as the information, texts, photographs, comments, and all other elements Users
may communicate to EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), or input directly on the Site as part of the
Partner assessment tool.
“Contract”: shall be understood as the contract formed between a Partner and a Customer through an order on
the Site by the Customer for an Activity (or a Gift Certificate) with a Partner, under the terms described in the
“Reservations and Payment” article.
“Customer”: shall be understood as a User, with a customer account, having concluded a Contract with a
“General Terms of Use”: shall be understood as the present document, amended from time to time in
accordance with the provisions of the “Modifications” article herein.
“Gift Voucher”: shall be understood as the gift voucher Customers may purchase on the Platform in order to offer
a specifically identified Activity as a gift.
“Participant”: shall be understood as physical persons registered for participation in an Activity reserved through
the Site. Participants may or may not be Customers.
“Partner”: shall be understood as the natural or juridical persons using the Site to offer Activities to
“Platform”: shall be understood as the site accessible through the connection on the EXPORTSGR.PC
(Adventurous Destinations), Internet site or by downloading the Application.
“Service”: shall be understood as the technical service linking Users/Customers with Partners as described in the
Preamble here of.
“Site”: shall be understood as the site accessible through the connection on the EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous
Destinations), Internet site or by downloading the Application.
“User”: shall be understood as any physical person browsing the Site.
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), offers, through the Platform, a technical service linking
Users, Customers and Partners. This technical service includes handling reservations, payments,
refunds/cancellations – on behalf of Partners – and providing first line of support for Users and Customers as
detailed in Article 13 of these General Terms of Use.
By means of the Platform and the Service, Users may reserve a sporting (or other) activity from a
The underlying Contract formed between the Partner and the Customer when reserving an Activity
through the site shall be an autonomous contract in which EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), assumes
no responsibility beyond what falls within the technical service as described above. The Contract shall be deemed
formed upon acceptance by a Partner of a Customer’s reservation request.
Consequently, Users must verify whether they effectively wish to commit, independently, to a contractual
relationship with a Partner and are, in this regard, ready to assume all the consequences thereof.
Partners shall be solely responsible, with regard to Customers, for the performance of the services
provided for in the Contract, as EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), shall assume no responsibility in
this regard. Similarly, EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), shall not be responsible in any manner for a
Customer’s behavior with regard to a Partner.
Users shall be personally responsible for implementing the computer and telecommunications resources
providing for accessing the Site and the knowledge required for using the Internet and accessing and using the
Site. Users shall remain responsible for their connection and equipment fees related to Internet access as well as
using the Site and the Service.
Users wishing to reserve an Activity must create a User account or log in to their account if it has already been
created. Account access is accomplished using a user login and password.
Users shall provide accurate information when registering on the Site.
Users shall also update such information in case of changes.
Users shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their user login and password.
In particular, Users shall be responsible for implementing the precautionary and safety measures required for
protecting their password.
Users must immediately take all due steps should their password be revealed and/or in cases of fraudulent use
thereof. In particular, Users must immediately change their password.
Users shall be solely responsible for the use of their user login and password. All access to a User account using
the abovementioned user login and password shall be deemed, irrefutably, to have been performed by the User,
as well as any modification or operation conducted on the User account following entry of said user name and
4.1 Activity Reservation Modalities
Customers shall reserve Activities with Partners through the Service.
Reservation Process
Activity reservation by a Customer with a Partner on the Platform shall be accomplished in accordance with the
● a Customer shall submit an Activity reservation request with a Partner online. In this regard, said Customer shall
provide certain information to the Partner including, where appropriate, information regarding the physical
condition, level, certification or license for each of the Participants;
● the Customer shall provide credit card or banking details in order to set up a payment pre-authorization using a
secure payment system;
● the Partner shall be automatically informed of the reservation request (by e-mail, text message, or telephone), and
shall have a maximum timeframe of 48 hours to accept or refuse the reservation request;
● should the reservation request be accepted, the Contract between the Customer and Partner is formed and
agreed, and the amount corresponding to the Activity is debited in accordance with the payment preauthorization.
The Customer shall be informed without undue delay;
● should the request be rejected, the payment preauthorization shall be canceled, with no Contract being formed
between the Customer and the Partner. The Customer shall be informed without undue delay;
● In this case, EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), or the Partner reserve the right to offer the Customer
another date or an alternative Activity.
It is hereby noted that generally speaking, the Activities proposed by Partners on the Platform are subject to the
latter’s availability. No request for compensation may be formed should a Partner not be available for an Activity,
whether such request is addressed to the Partner or the Company.
It is hereby specified that the Customer shall have the option to cancel the reservation request as long as it has
not been confirmed by the Partner. Such cancellation must be performed online on the Customer Account.
Gift Voucher
Moreover, the Platform enables reserving an Activity in the form of a Gift Voucher. In this regard, a Customer
ordering a Gift Voucher and then the Participant(s) reserving the corresponding Activity shall be accomplished in
the following steps:
● a Customer shall select an Activity offered by a Partner and order a Gift Voucher. In this regard, said Customer
shall provide certain information to the Partner;
● the Customer shall pay directly online using the secure payment system offered by the Platform and receive the
Gift Voucher by e-mail, with a unique gift code specific to the reserved Activity;
● the Customer shall directly inform the Participant(s) and send them the Gift Voucher;
● the (or each) Participant beneficiary of the Gift Voucher may then connect to the Platform and reserve the Activity
according to the procedure described hereinabove, with the difference that the payment is made using the Gift
Voucher’s unique gift code.
The Gift Voucher shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of its purchase by the Customer, with the
reserved Activity date being used as reference. It is hereby expressly specified that the Gift Voucher shall be
specific to the selected Partner and Activity and may not be used to reserve other different or similar Activities
offered by other Partners.
The Contract shall be agreed at the time of payment for the Gift Voucher by the Customer. No Gift Voucher shall
be reimbursed. This clarification shall be understood without prejudice to the Customer’s option of exercising their
right of retraction if applicable as specified in the Partner’s Activity terms and conditions.
Should the activity no longer be available for reservation when the Gift Voucher is used by the Customer or
Participant, EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), shall reimburse the Gift Voucher, unless the scope of
the Gift Voucher is modified in agreement with EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations),
In such situations, EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), may offer a similar activity to the Customer.
Reservation Summary
When the Contract is formed, the Customer shall receive a reservation summary for the reserved Activity. Such
reservation summary shall include the primary characteristics for the reserved Activity (number of people, place,
date, time, meeting place, Partner name, Activity name, etc.).
The Customer, or one of the Participants, must remit the reservation summary to the Partner when the Activity
The Customer hereby acknowledges having been informed and accepts that a reserved Activity may require
modification and/or adaptation by the Partner due to weather conditions or other events beyond its control. The
reserved Activity may even be canceled under the terms specified in the “Cancellation” article herein.
4.2 Reserved Activity Payment
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), holds a collection and invoicing mandate from the Partner, and is
responsible for validating and collecting the price for the reserved Activity(ies) in the name of and on behalf of the
For all reservations for total sums greater than €1,000, or an equivalent amount in another currency,
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), may ask the Customer to provide a copy of an identity document
as well as a certificate of residence before validating the reservation request.
The Site and the Service allow Users and Customers to find out the prices for Activities and conduct payment in a
certain number of currencies which may be selected.
Should the currency selected by the User or Customer for display or the payment for the Activity price be different
than the currency accepted by the Partner selling the Activity, it is hereby specified that the price displayed and
retained shall be the result of a conversion of the Activity price into the currency selected by the User or Customer.
In this case, the conversion rate applied shall be a market rate, calculated on the basis of the previous day’s rate,
provided by a specialized service provider independent of EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous
Destinations),Regarding payment, the reference rate shall be that applicable on the reservation request date.
Customer payment in certain currencies may be subject to additional transaction fees automatically taken into
account in the conversion rate used to display Activity prices. Customers choosing this type of currency shall be
informed at the latest when the order is validated. For more information regarding the relevant currencies, Users
and Customers may contact EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), at: info@adventurousdestinations.com
4.3 Modifications – Cancellation Activity Modification
Customers may request a Contract modification and in particular a change in the scheduled date for an Activity if
such modification is possible pursuant to the Partner’s Activity general terms and conditions.
All requests for modifications must be made by the Customer connecting to their User account on the platform or
contacting EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), directly at: info@adventurousdestinations.com
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), shall contact the relevant Partner in order to attempt to negotiate
such modification with the latter on behalf of the Customer.
Should the modification request be accepted by the Partner, a new reservation summary shall be issued and sent
to the Customer mentioning the reservation’s modified characteristics. Where appropriate, EXPORTSGR.PC
(Adventurous Destinations), shall proceed with the payment or reimbursement resulting from the reservation, on
behalf of the Partner.
It is hereby specified that Partners shall not be required to accept a Contract modification request. Such requests,
if accepted, may be subject to fees according to the Partner’s Activity general terms and conditions.
Should the modification request be refused, Customers wishing to maintain their request must implement the
cancellation procedure described here in after.
Cancellation by the Customer
The modalities for cancellation by the Customer, as well as the resulting fees are listed, for each Activity, in the
Activity cancellation policy included in the description of the said Activity. EXPORTSGR.PC’s (Adventurous
Destinations), ability to reimburse the Activity is strictly governed by the provisions of the applicable cancellation
A Customer and/or Participant no-show on the day scheduled for the reserved Activity shall be handled as a last
minute cancellation and shall not give right to reimbursement.
Cancellation by the Partner
The Partner may cancel an Activity if circumstances beyond its control make Activity performance impossible or
dangerous, such as poor weather conditions.
Partners shall inform Customer and/or Participant of such situations immediately or as soon as practically
Where appropriate, the Partner may offer the Customer a change in the date selected for Activity performance.
Should the Customer refuse said offer, the terms and conditions applicable for an Activity cancellation by the
Partner shall apply, and the Customer may claim full reimbursement of the Activity price, excluding any
Reimbursement of the sums paid by the Customer for said Activity shall be made without undue delay from the
time information is received from the Partner regarding the cancellation.
Said reimbursement shall be made by the Company as the Partner’s agent.
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), has implemented an assessment system allowing Customers to
assess Partners and the Activities they propose.
In order to publish an assessment or opinion regarding a Partner or an Activity, each Participant must be an adult,
have an EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), account, and have effectively reserved and performed an
Activity with such Partner. Opinions may only be drafted once the relevant Contract has been performed.
The rating shall be on a scale from 1 to 5.
Customers may also enter comments online as part of this assessment. Customer assessments shall be under the
Customer’s sole responsibility, and the Company will assume no liability in this regard.
Customers shall comply with applicable regulations and, in particular, objectively comment and assess the
Activities and Partners and not express defamatory, harmful, or dishonest remarks regarding the Activities or
Moreover, assessments must be intelligible, exclusively cover the Activity being assessed, and the text content
may not contain personal information (such as first and last names of individuals, telephone numbers, addresses),
financial information, links to other web sites, or any content that may give rise to a conflict of interest.
Moreover, Customers shall refrain from including any elements of a political or religious nature, or with sexual
connotation in their assessments.
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), moderates Clients’ assessments with the goal of ensuring
compliance herewith. To this end, each assessment may be subject to ex-ante moderation. The Company hereby
reserves the right to contact a User if verification of an assessment is needed.
Users or Partners may request moderation of an online assessment by writing to: info@adventurousdestinations.com

and explaining the reasons for the request.

The Company reserves the right to delete any comment not in compliance with the above principles. In cases of
repeated breach of the principles mentioned above, and after applying the procedures applicable to such
breaches, the Company may suspend or terminate the account of any User committing such repeated breaches.
It is hereby specified that Partners shall enjoy a right of response which must be sent to the following
address: info@adventurousdestinations.com within a maximum of three months from the initial assessment publication date.

EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), shall ensure the response’s compliance herewith and all the points
mentioned above before publishing it.
The Service is offered without valuable consideration for Users and Customers, in that no fees shall be applied by
the Company to Customers, as the latter shall only be responsible for paying the sums due to the Partner pursuant
to the Contract.
7.1 Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Users shall use the Site and the Service respecting the rights of third parties and with respect and courtesy with
regard to the rights of Partners and the Company.
Users shall, when browsing the Site and using the Service, comply with applicable regulations.
In particular, Users shall:
● not use the Site or Service to receive services that contravene applicable regulations;
● not slander, insult, or denigrate a physical or legal person;
● not create user accounts with fictional identities; not falsify their own identity;
● not harm others by using the Site or the Service, and in particular not steal the identity of a third party, and not,
more generally, use third party’s data;
● not use the contact information obtained through the Site or the Service in order to disseminate unsolicited or
unauthorized mail regardless of the form of communication or solicitation;
● not use the contact information obtained through the Site or the Service to disseminate computer viruses or similar
● not harm the Partners’ or Company’s reputation, or EXPORTSGR.PC’s (Adventurous Destinations), brand image;
● not disrupt or allow interruption on the Site;
● not harm or attempt to harm the services provided by one or more of the Company’s contractor or partners and in
particular the hosting company, including, non-exhaustively, exposing the Site to a virus, creating saturation,
flooding the server, or saturating the messaging system with e-mails;
● not access or attempt to access data not intended for Users or enter or attempt to enter any part of the server
hosting the Site, in a private User space, and/or access or attempt to access all or part of the data Users are not
authorized to access;
● not probe, scan, or test a system’s or network’s vulnerability, or breach the Site’s or all or part of a Service’s
security or authentication measures, or attempt to illicitly access the networks and systems connected to the Site;
● not upload to the Site, display, or send by e-mail or any other means, any element containing software viruses or
other codes, files, or computer programs designed for or with the effect of interrupting, destroying, or limiting the
functionality of any computer software or hardware or any telecommunications equipment.
7.2 Responsibility and Obligations Related to Activity Reservations
With regard to reserving and performing Activities, Customers and Participants shall:
● ensure they fulfill the necessary conditions, where appropriate, mentioned in the Activity description (physical
condition, certificate, practice level, license, etc.) before reserving an Activity; otherwise the Partner may
refuse the Customer’s or Participant’s access to the Activity without reimbursement;
● ensure the accuracy of the information provided for the Activity reservation with the Partner; otherwise, the Partner
may refuse access to the Activity;
● strictly comply with the Partner’s instructions and rules, before, during, and after performing the Activity, in
particular with all rules and instructions providing for ensuring the Activity takes place under optimally safe
● arrive on-time at the place provided and indicated on the reservation summary. Being more than 15 minutes late
may result in reservation cancellation as per the Partner’s terms and conditions for the said Activity and indicated
on the reservation summary.
It is hereby specified that any activities performed outside or alongside the reserved Activity shall not be under the
Partner’s or the Company’s responsibility.
It is also hereby specified that EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), does not have the
technical means of verifying whether a Customer or Participant has the physical condition, experience, license,
certificate, or level sufficient to perform an Activity.
As such, it is hereby expressly specified that Customers and Participants shall reserve and participate in Activities
under their own responsibility, taking into consideration their level, physical condition, experience, limits, and the
risks inherent in taking part in a “risky” sporting activity.
To this end, neither Partners nor the Company shall be held liable for injuries, accidents, or deaths while
performing an Activity.
7.3 Guaranties
Users shall hold the Company harmless against any conviction against it resulting, directly or indirectly, from the
User’s use of the Site or Service.
Users shall reimburse the Company all sums it may be called upon to outlay in such a situation, whether following
a legal decision or under the framework of a transaction.
7.4 Insurance
Customers are hereby informed of the obligation, for themselves and all Participants, of being correctly insured for
civil liability in Greece and abroad while performing sporting activities. It is hereby specified that the Activities
offered on EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations),, unless stated otherwise, do not include insurance.
It shall be each Participant’s responsibility to ensure their insurance coverage is sufficient and, if necessary, take
out suitable protection with the insurance company of their choice.
On the Site, the Company may list “risky” activities. Customers are hereby reminded that supplementary insurance
(assistance and repatriation) is strongly recommended for this type of activities.
Users hereby expressly accept that all electronic data, regardless of medium, in particular connections
logs, computer files, logins, time stamping data, messages, e-mails, and others, emanating from the Company’s
information system and those of its subcontractors and partners shall be fully enforceable against them.
Users shall not contest the admissibility, validity, or enforceability of such elements of proof due to their
dematerialized nature and acknowledge that such elements shall stand as evidence of the actual operations.
Therefore the elements in questions shall constitute evidence and, if produced by the Company in a
litigious procedure or other, shall be admissible, valid, and enforceable between the parties in the same manner,
under the same conditions, and with the same probative force as any document drafted, received, or retained in
writing on paper.
9.1 Rights to the Site and the Service
The Site, the Service and the data they contain are protected by intellectual property law.
Therefore, unless stated otherwise, the intellectual property rights to the documents and all data of any
kind contained in the Site and the Service and in particular to each of the elements composing the Site and the
Service (images, animated or not; illustrations; photographs; sounds; know-how; architecture; texts;
graphic items; etc.), including the software and databases shall be the Company’s and its Partners’ exclusive
property (hereinafter the “Protected Elements”).
The Company shall not grant any license to all or part of the Protected Elements or any right other than
that to view the Site and use the Service.
Reproduction in whole or in part of the Site and/or the Protected Elements shall be authorized for the
sole purpose of information for personal and private use of the Site.
Any reproduction and any use of copies created for other purposes, in any manner whatsoever and in
any form whatsoever, shall be expressly prohibited, without prior written consent from the Company.
It is also prohibited to:
● copy, modify, create a derivative work, assemble, decompile (except for cases provided for by law), sell, assign,
sub-license, or transfer in any manner whatsoever any rights regarding the Protected Elements;
● modify all or part of the Protected Elements in order, in particular, to obtain unauthorized access to the Service or
access the Site by means other than the User interface provided by the Company for this purpose;
● access or use the Protected Elements diverting the Site’s purpose, principles, or terms of use whether directly or
Consequently, any reproduction and/or representation, in whole or in part, of the Site, Service, and/or
Protected Elements, without the Company’s prior written consent shall be prohibited and constitute counterfeit
9.2 Rights to the Application
The Company hereby grants the User, without valuable consideration, a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable
license to use the Application as object code.
No other right shall be granted with regard to the Application. In particular, the Company reserves the right to
correct and modify the Application, without making any commitment to the User in this regard.
Enjoyment of the present license shall be strictly limited to use for enjoying the Service and may be called into
question without notification by the Company in cases of non-compliance by the User of the terms hereof.
The terms hereof shall be supplemented and clarified in the license terms included in the contract pursuant which
the User is bound to the Platform.
Users hereby acknowledge that the terms hereof bind them to the Company. In this regard, Users shall comply
with these terms and shall be liable, with respect to the Company, should they not respect these terms.
9.3 Rights Regarding Distinctive Signs
All brands, logos, and other distinctive signs appearing on the Site and Service, including domain names, shall be
the Company’s and its partners’ exclusive property,
Any use, in any manner whatsoever, of said brands and/or logos and/or any other distinctive sign shall be subject
to prior written authorization from the Company or its Partners or other partners holding the relevant rights.
Users hereby acknowledge the Company’s and its partners’ rights regarding said distinctive signs and shall refrain
from any use thereof and more generally infringing the Company’s and its partners’ intellectual property rights.
Users hereby acknowledge that any violation of such rights would constitute a prejudice for the Company and/or
the Partners and/or its partners, in particular in terms of damage to their image.
9.4 Comments and User Content
Users hereby cede to the Company all intellectual property rights to the Content required and sufficient to allow
the Company to publish online and disseminate all or part of the Content on the site.
The rights ceded in this regard shall include, in particular: reproduction, representation, transmission, translation,
distribution, use, and where appropriate modification and translation rights for media of all types. Said rights shall
be ceded without valuable consideration, for the entire world and for the duration of the Content’s protection by
intellectual property laws and authorize publication online by means of any technical process, known or future.
Users hereby guarantee they hold sufficient property rights to the Content to authorize such online publication and
shall bear sole responsibility regarding the Content’s legal compliance. In this regard, Users shall ensure the
Content published online does not infringe upon third party rights, in particular intellectual property rights.
Users shall hold the Company harmless against any claims or legal actions related to publishing the Content on
the Platform.
The Company reserves the right, in cases of non-compliance by a User with one of the obligations mentioned
herein, to suspend or exclude the User from enjoying the Service. Such possibilities shall be without prejudice to
the Company’s possible liability remedies against said User.
11.1 Site and/or Service Modifications
Users hereby acknowledge that the Company shall be free to develop the Site and/or Service at any time and at
its sole discretion.
Any modifications that may be made to the Site and/or Service shall be under the Company’s sole arbitration.
11.2 Modifications to the General Terms of Use
The Company reserves the right to adapt or change the GTU at any time.
In cases of substantial modification, Users shall be informed by any means, at the Company’s discretion, such as,
for example, being displayed upon connecting to the Site.
Any use of the Service following such modification shall be deemed as acceptance of the modifications.
12.1 Site and Service Access and Operation
The Company shall be subject to a best effort obligation. The Company shall provide the Service as a
good, diligent professional.
Users hereby acknowledge that, notwithstanding all the resources the Company implements, the
Internet and telecommunications networks present technical specificities implying the impossibility of guarantying
(i) correct Site and Service operation, in particular in terms of uninterrupted Site access continuity, Site and
Service performance such as, for example, response times for the various requests and actions submitted and (ii)
Site and Service security, in particular in terms of the presence of viruses.
Moreover, Users are hereby informed and accept that operating the Site and the Service require that the Company
perform technical servicing, in particular as part of maintenance operations. As such, the Site and the Service may
be temporarily suspended, in particular in cases of system breakdowns, maintenance, repairs, or updates.
The Company shall not be held liable for any damage Users may incur due to using the Site or the Service and, in
particular, any damage resulting from the Site’s unavailability and, in particular, technical issues.
12.2 The Company’s Responsibility Perimeter
The Company provides a technical service linking Users, Customers and Partners. Partners is solely
liable with respect to Customers and Participants for the correct performance of the Activities offered for
reservation on the Site.
The Company shall not be held liable in any manner for total or partial non-compliance with an obligation and/or
poor performance by a Partner with regard to the execution of an Activity.
Consequently, the Company shall not be held liable in cases of poor performance or non-performance, in whole or
in part, of Partners’ obligations.
The Company shall also not be held liable for the acts of a Participant while performing the Service.
Customers and Participants shall not take action against the Company with regard to issues of performance,
non-performance, or poor performance of an Activity.
Users shall be personally responsible for acceptance of the General Terms of Use by Participants whom the User
is responsible for registering for an Activity.
12.3 Responsibility Limitations
The Company shall only be held liable in case of breach, proven by a User or Customer, of its
contractual obligations in the execution of the linking Service. The Company shall only be liable for damages
resulting from breaches directly and exclusively under its responsibility.
Should the Company be liable towards a User, the Company shall be responsible for the direct damage
incurred by such User and proven thereby within the limits, for the duration of the contractual relationship and for
all incidents, of an overall sum corresponding to a maximum of €500.
The Company shall not be held liable for indirect damages.
The present clause shall be applicable regardless of the legal basis for the request, including if it is based on
negligence, an erroneous statement, or contractual breach.
No notification of a grievance may be made by one of the parties against the other more than three (3) months
after the date of the events constituting the grievance have been discovered or should have been discovered.
The Company shall not be held liable, generally speaking, in the following cases: (i) an act by a User, Customer,
Participant, or Partner, or (ii) cases of force majeure, or (iii) acts by third parties and in particular non-operation,
malfunction, inability to access or difficulties using or receiving the Internet, or (iv) consequential or
non-consequential damages regarding services other than the Service delivered by the Company in accordance
herewith, or (v) due to the content, nature, or characteristics of the products and/or services provided by a Partner
to a Customer.
EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), is concerned with its Customers’ experience and would like to offer
a quality reservation experience.
Therefore, in cases of issues when reserving an Activity or during its performance by the Partner, the Customer or
Participant may
● send an e-mail to info@adventurousdestinations.com
● write to EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), – Booking Support –Kalampaka, Riga Ferraiou str Greece.;
● or contact us directly on info@adventurousdestinations.com
In cases of difficulties with a Partner, EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), shall contact the latter in
order to attempt to settle the issue on behalf of the Customer, on a best efforts basis.
In the scenario where a client wishes to obtain partial or total reimbursement, such reimbursement – if accepted by
the Partner – will be processed by EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), directly.
Participants may also use the Platform’s assessment system, in compliance with the rules listed in Article 6
Moreover, while Adventurous Destinations take issues encountered by its Customers and Participants with
Partners or with respect to Activity performance seriously, EXPORTSGR.PC (Adventurous Destinations), shall not
be held liable in any manner whatsoever in case of non-compliance in whole or in part with an obligation and/or
poor performance by a Partner with respect to the execution of an Activity.
With respect to the rights and obligations regarding using and protecting personal data, Users are
hereby invited to consult the Privacy Policy accessible online on the Site.
The Privacy Policy represents an integral part of the GTU.
Any creation of links to the Site, framing the Site, and more generally any use of a component element
of the Site shall be subject to prior written consent from the Company and may be revoked at any time at the
Company’s sole discretion.
The Company reserves the right to (i) request deletion of any link to the Site that has not been or is no
longer authorized and (ii) request damages as remedy for the prejudice incurred there from.
The Site may contain links directing to other Internet sites or other Internet sources. In so far as the
Company cannot control such sites or external sources, the Company shall not be held liable for making these
sites and sources available, and shall not be held liable for the operation, content, advertisements, products,
services, or any other information or data available on or from such sites or external sources.
Establishing such links shall not imply that the Company sponsors or recommends the linked site in
question or that the Company is affiliated therewith.
Moreover, the Company shall not be held liable for any damage or loss, actual or alleged, following or in
relation to using or the act of trusting the content, the goods, or services available on such sites or external
Should one or more provisions herein be held invalid by a law or regulation or found to be so by a final decision
from a competent jurisdiction, they shall be deemed unwritten; the other provisions hereof shall retain their full
force and scope.
The fact that one of the parties has not demanded application of a given clause, whether permanently or
temporarily, shall not, under any circumstances, be deemed as renunciation of said party’s rights resulting from
said clause.
The present General Terms of Use are governed by and must be interpreted under Greek law.
Any dispute regarding the interpretation, execution, or termination hereof shall be under the sole competence and
jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.
It is further reaffirmed that the autonomous Contracts formed between Partners and Customers when reserving
Activities shall be governed by the law applicable to each case in question.
By signing this Agreement you agree to the terms of your (or your child’s) experience with
TO: and its respective directors, officers, owners, employees, volunteers, agents,
representatives, contractors, advisors, successors and assigns (together the “RELEASEES”)
FROM: You or your minor child, your heirs, executors, administrators, parents or guardians
(together the “PARTICIPANT”)
In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in programs offered by the
RELEASEES, its related events and activities, the PARTICIPANT acknowledge, appreciate, and
agree that:
The risk of injury from the activities involved in this program is significant, including the
potential for permanent paralysis and death, and while particular skills, equipment and
personal discipline may reduce the risk, the risk of serious injury does exist; And,
responsibility for my participation; And
PARTICIPANT willingly agrees to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions
for participation. If, however, I observe any unusual significant hazard during my presence or
participation, I will remove myself from participation and bring such to the attention of the
RELEASEES immediately; And
RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or
property associated with PARTICIPANT presence or participation, WHETHER ARISING FORM
THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEE OR OTHERWISE to the fullest extent permitted by law.
This Agreement is binding on me, my heirs, executors, administrators, representatives,
parents, guardians, and family.
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the RELEASEE is located.
Any legal action involving the parties to this Agreement is within the exclusive jurisdiction of
and shall be brought in the jurisdiction in which the RELEASEE is located.
The Releasees have the irrevocable right and licence to use photographs, video, sound or
other works which they may create or I may provide to them (including through a website or
social media) of me or any other persons (the “WORKS”) for any purposes, and I consent to
such use without any compensation therefor. I expressly assign and shall pay over any
compensation I may receive from third parties in relation to the WORKS to the RELEASEES. I
expressly transfer all intellectual property rights I may have in the Works to the RELEASEES. I
also expressly waive any moral rights I may have in the Works.
I agree to the use of my contact information by the RELEASEES for promotional or follow-up
purposes relating to the RELEASEES only. The RELEASEES will not give my contact
information to third parties as outlined in the Privacy Policy.
By signing this document, you are consenting to the use of your electronic signature in lieu
of an original signature on paper.

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